Sunday, April 29, 2007

Too Many Things!

The cover image to my 10 page comic!

It's all happening at once! First off, I have the line-work for my first of 6 sequential art stories up in my sequential art section which you can find here. In the next week or so, I'll add a two-tone flat color on it so it's easier on the eyes than just lines. I only have about 2 more stories in my head before I have to really start scratching my skull. I really DO want about 6 stories put together. Here's the whole story:

I made a few rules/guidelines/restrictions for myself in which there is absolutely no dialogue and each comic involves origami being used in an unconventional way (Seeds, transportation, weapons, and so forth). There's no page limit's kind of exciting as I really don't have much coming my way at the moment.

Also, I've joined up on IllustrationMundo, go search for me if you'd like! It's pretty exciting to see how many people have clicked on the Scissors Cut Paper icon I have set up for it. Also, if you're there check out my latest obsession with Amy Sol whose work is somewhat similar-looking to Audrey Kawasaki but both have their own uniqueness that makes their work absolutely gorgeous. There's just something about girls that look super-airy and somewhat confused in their surreal settings.

I'm currently looking for jobs related to art in NYC. I've been searching for the past three weeks or so when a storyboard position opened for an animation studio. After sending off my resume and updating my website, I'm praying to someone out there that I get this job. The suspense will kill me over the next few days.


Monday, April 23, 2007


I felt I needed to take desperate measures in having mulitple places to post news, artwork, and general thoughts. Perhaps there are individuals out there that want to see what I've been up to or might be severely bored and have hopes that I can relieve that boredom.

That's a lot of pressure. ...I'll take you on.

Here's some new artwork up in the illustration section of my site. Part one of three in the Rock.Paper.Scissors series. Scissors Cut Paper. Check it out!

There's the possibility of relocating to NYC in the next few months. Their subway system frightens me after seeing the immaculate state of Japan's trains. But I think anyone else would think the same way after being set to such a standard.