Monday, July 23, 2007


Okay, in some desperate attempt, I tried to crank out a two page comic in one weekend to shove into my portfolio and this is sadly the result. Did I completely bite off Ted Naifeh? ...Not entirely. But I was sooo inspired by 'How Loathsome' that I just couldn't help myself. And staring at Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood's stuff for two weeks straight didn't help either. So here it is.

Very VERY... loosely based off a personal experience I've had.

Other than that, I'm about to be employed for a money-hungry t-shirt making company that hires cheap labor and will give me 0% creative freedom as I computer-seperate colors for screenprinting machines. ...Shoot me in the face now. This is all because I'm money hungry as well (or plain hungry? I'm not in a bad position being unemployed though..) and I'd like some money while I try and find a new (and better) job.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Holy Cow

Wowee, I have an 8 page, FULLY COLORED comic I just cranked out because of my 3 weeks of unemployment. Or was it 4 weeks? Ah well. Check out the sequential art section of my site to find it! I've uploaded the cover art here as a preview.

San Diego is steadily creeping up on me and I need to print and bind about 50 copies of these for publishers. Phew. The pressure's still steadily pounding down on me but I think I can get it all done. ...Actually there is no 'I think I can' ...I have no real choice but to complete all the work I'm setting up for myself. Yikes...

Other news, I have two interviews lined up for this week. If I get a job, no need to worry so much about having my work published and freelancing gets pushed back a tiny bit. If no job, it's back to cranking out work. 'Til next update.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I find it hard to keep creating pieces when they're just not working for me. I think I'm discouraged because I really am awful with Adobe Illustrator CS and every job description asks me to be completely fluent in the program. Nevertheless, I'm going to struggle and kick vector art's ass. In the meantime, more photoshop airbrushing practice. This one was a one-day sketch.

There's just something unnerving about doing flat color work and then working with gradients and airbrushing. ...There has to be a better way to mesh the two and I have yet to discover it for myself.

Now. I have 2 weeks before the San Diego ComicCon to color my two comics... and possibly draw up a third. I'm being as optimistic as ever.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

More Photoshop

Another one finished. Is it obvious I really enjoy scanning in pieces of paper...?

Just a piece to practice yet even more airbrushing in Photoshop. Another two or so may follow after this one.