Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Along with Joe and Evan, I joined up with amateurillustrator just to have more ways to get myself 'out there.' If you check out the site, my Compulsion illustration made Editor's Pick of the Week!

In the meantime, I'm packing up and shipping out of Baltimore to start a concept artist position up in New Jersey starting in June. A two-week trial period to see how well I work with the company, and then to see if I'll be set to work there full-time. Here's hoping!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

No Worm For Me

I received an e-mail with a bunch of links to some interesting crafts and books I could purchase. My curiosity got the best of me when I saw one place had the words 'paper' and 'crane' in it due to my current obsession with them in my illustrations. Sadly, I've been beaten to a domain name about paper cranes with a website full of felt plushes. But this lady at My Paper Crane puts my wool felt sushi to shame. She's tackled not only food but inanimate objects as well. Check her out!

More artwork to post next time!

Saturday, May 5, 2007


I've signed on to do a children's book which I'm biting my nails over with giddy-ness; Copyright to Laura Saba as they are her characters. Here's a sampling 1st sketch of the kids. I know I'll be revamping about three of 'em.

After applying to a few places, it has come to my attention that Baltimore just isn't the place for me. The amount of boarded up/cemented shut houses, muggings, drug-deals, and prostitutes etc, are steadily creeping closer to the people I love, along with myself. It's time to hit the road.
...The road up north to NYC and... Central Jersey of all places.

I was recommended to check out Digital Embryo who is looking to hire all sorts of people to work on games they develop for Nintendo DS (and very recently XBOX live too). While Cake Mania doesn't sound NEARLY as enticing as God of War II, they've just been licensed to take on games for the Wii. Here's hoping the interview goes well.

Meanwhile, I am rooting for my friend Joe to be hired at World Leaders Entertainment because (I doubt I will be and) he's exceptionally talented for the job. If they don't hire him, I'm pretty sure he'll become severe competition for them in the near future. Congrats to all the MICA seniors who are graduating this year!