Thursday, December 29, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

AHHHH! Color choices on my sketch, I'm always awful at feeling comfortable getting this part down. I'm pretty sure I know which I'll go with, but still, I like to try and test all the spectrums, it seems...

Upcoming piece for a show with a bunch of artists from work; we're recreating Tarot cards in our own definitive styles!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Black Hearts Need YOU!

Opening Reception Friday January 13th
art up until February 4th
Gallery 1988
Melrose, CA

New piece for the upcoming Adult Swim show at Gallery 1988!  We were limited to Adult Swim's Original shows so I chose one of my absolute favorites: The Venture Brothers.  I spent the majority of my time trying to think of what could possibly make a good tribute piece for this series and kept coming up short. I wanted to include every character and every great situation that's occurred, and there just was no way I could achieve that. So I really thought about it, and I wished there were even more episodes that featured Molotov Cocktease and the lesser seen Hunter Gathers. I've included them both in this War Recruitment-style poster for the Black Hearts Elimination Agency.  I had way too much fun creating this one! I love, love, love Hunter Gathers in the black/red catsuit.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dickens Fair

Every year there's apparently an enormous Charles Dickens Fair in San Francisco during the holidays. People dress up in the clothing from the author's era and speak with old English accents, and so on. The Boyfriend and I went for the first time ever this year! One great plus was there was a 'Pre-Raphaelite Life Drawing' session that took place in a room entitled, "The Adventurers Club." The theme was primavera, so tons of fake flora were around, and the model adorned herself with a wreath-crown. They supplied us with some pads of paper and pencils (though no erasers, aiya, don't make any mistakes!!) and we got to work on two different poses that were about 10-15 minuets each. Lots of fun!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Nostalgia sketch - mugs and wooden spoons

 Back story: I had a room mate in college who actually dropped out after finishing our Sophomore year. She was a very close friend to me, even though we only knew each other about three years or so. During this time was right before every person and their mom owned a digital camera as a staple-electronic; we still bought film and had it developed at a Rite Aid whenever we needed to take photos.  Turns out I didn't have many photos of my room mate (and any photos that I did have of her, might have been lost when I moved over 7 different times, the last being across the whole country). It's a strange feeling not to have a picture of someone you remember so many things about. The way their voice sounds, the way they walk, their gestures, and so on.
 I felt nostalgic today, reminiscing about our last day as Freshmen. We'd trashed a ton of godawful art projects (because it was Foundation Year and what the heck will you do with the rest of that Color Aid?). We had just packed up all of our belongings, and cleaned the entire apartment when I discovered an entire box of instant oatmeal packets my mother had sent me many months prior. Please realize we were starving (and not just that precise moment, either - art students), but had packed up every dish and utensil in our boxes and which were now far from easy reach. The only things we were able to retrieve were giant wooden cooking spoons and mugs that our other room mate had made for us.
We sat out in the Freshmen Commons grounds, on a picnic table that someone had pulled onto the grass and ate our oatmeal while reflecting on the entire year. I distinctly remember I couldn't stop laughing. It was a really wonderful time!