Monday, December 26, 2011

The Black Hearts Need YOU!

Opening Reception Friday January 13th
art up until February 4th
Gallery 1988
Melrose, CA

New piece for the upcoming Adult Swim show at Gallery 1988!  We were limited to Adult Swim's Original shows so I chose one of my absolute favorites: The Venture Brothers.  I spent the majority of my time trying to think of what could possibly make a good tribute piece for this series and kept coming up short. I wanted to include every character and every great situation that's occurred, and there just was no way I could achieve that. So I really thought about it, and I wished there were even more episodes that featured Molotov Cocktease and the lesser seen Hunter Gathers. I've included them both in this War Recruitment-style poster for the Black Hearts Elimination Agency.  I had way too much fun creating this one! I love, love, love Hunter Gathers in the black/red catsuit.


VagueRant said...

Very nice!

Miss Yumi said...

YES! I will be a Black Heart with you. Forever! :D

Nick said...

Holy crap! Are there any plans to sell prints? I'd like this on my wall.

Kim Herbst said...

Hi Nick! Prints will be available in Gallery 1988's print shop soon, if they haven't been sold at the Gallery opening! :)

Mid-February or so, I'll have some available in my etsy shop!