Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not Quite Dead!

Sorry, just some more lineart. I've been in a real slump lately for creating colored work. ...Or wanting to get out of bed and greet the day at all save for dragging my butt to work. This is just a possible sketch for the cover of my next origami comic. I've drawn out about 9 pages or so for it which will have to be doubled or more to be complete. ...I didn't realize this story was going to be a lot longer than the other short lil comics I do. All the better for whoever is looking at it, no?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Going Overboard

As soon as Autumn hits, it's always a rush straight to the holidays. We somehow overlook the simpler things like hey, the days are getting shorter and the sky doesn't look as high. Back in the wee days when I was a store associate in JoAnn Fabrics, Halloween decor would hit right on the first of July. Christmas would bowl over everything immediately as Halloween was on the brink of ending. It's the same case for printing designs.

It's that time of year where I begin to think of what my Christmas postcard will look like. This illustration came along which has yet to be colored. I'll post an updated version of it soon. This however, probably won't be used.

But I thought it was fun and fanciful and I need more imagery like that in my life.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

sm[art] auction

I just received an e-mail from Bitch Magazine with some information on an art show/silent auction they plan to have in order to raise money for their establishment. They're a non-profit reader supported company so all proceeds go back to the magazine. It's great for exposure if you'd like people to see your work. I plan to donate a few prints as they kindly reminded me that donations are tax deductible (yaaay) and I'd enjoy the remote possibility of someone having a framed illustration of mine.

If you have prints, they've stated that it would be best if they were framed but not to let that stop you from donating any work. You can also send clothes you make or buttons or whatever your lovely mind fancies.

All donations can be sent to this address:

Bitch Magazine

Attn: sm[art]

4930 29th Avenue

Portland, OR 97211


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Open For Business

My new card, that is. Long, long ago right before graduating college, I had swiftly conjured up a business card to use for networking in the world of illustration

...Needless to say, it was barely legible and any text information on it was hard to read due to some watercoloring that went sorely out of control, teamed with my inability to want to remotely Photoshop my work at the time. I believe most people wouldn't even dream of trying to contact me due to the severe eye-strain I may have caused them (deepest apologies to anyone who picked up my card at conventions or was handed one by yours truly). So! This is the new design to contact me by and hopefully it's easier to read, see, enjoy, and... utilize to its full potential.
Currently, I've been working on some stuff for Tiny Mantis, and they're cranking out some games for Nikelodeon. Very fun! I'm not allowed to post any of the work publically, it's exciting nonetheless!