Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vertically Challenged's the term I actually use for myself since I'm only 5'3" and has a bit to do with this illustration.

Last week, I was contacted by petite model Isobella Jade who has published the book, Almost 5'4", which is the story of how she began a career as a model through the internet. Apparently Isobella didn't own a computer and would walk up the signature plexi-glass stairs and stand for hours in the NYC's Apple store in SoHo to type out her story. At about 350 pages, that's quite a bit of standing! The deadline was pretty short but here's hoping the illustration is published with the article on her story.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Paper Suffocates Rock

...A long time ago, I decided to try and do a Rock.Paper.Scissors series. And I really want to re-do my Scissors Cut Paper one now.

BUT! here's the second installment, Paper Suffocates Rock. actually looks like she's feeding him but who's to say those glowing lil birds won't explode or something? The colors might be really off since my screen's not calibrated if they look really wonky?

ALSO! My Buried poster won on Posterbored so you can purchase your own 12" x 18" print of it for $10 here! Pretty exciting! Also, after purchasing a large format printer, I'll hopefully be opening a shop on etsy in the near future with a bunch of handmade things from t-shirts, to greeting cards, to limited edition prints of my work.

'Til then, cheers!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Last One!

Last of the three character commissions for QuarterCycle Productions. Done! Yaaay!

PHEW! New Years took a lot out of me. I'm still attempting to get over a nasty cold. Not sure how often I'll be able to post now as I've begun the tedious thing that is commuting myself from central NJ to Brooklyn, NY for a new internship. But I'm a determined person.

We'll see if it doesn't kill me. Until then, cheers!