Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vertically Challenged's the term I actually use for myself since I'm only 5'3" and has a bit to do with this illustration.

Last week, I was contacted by petite model Isobella Jade who has published the book, Almost 5'4", which is the story of how she began a career as a model through the internet. Apparently Isobella didn't own a computer and would walk up the signature plexi-glass stairs and stand for hours in the NYC's Apple store in SoHo to type out her story. At about 350 pages, that's quite a bit of standing! The deadline was pretty short but here's hoping the illustration is published with the article on her story.


Unknown said...

this turned out nice! nice colors and i like the use of the apple logo for her dress pattern.

Candace Trew Camling said...

that story is so cool, I love your style too, I hope it does get published!

Vanhoozerbot said...

Very, very cool.
I am really liking your style.

Hope all is well.