Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I swear I'm still alive

...but it feels like just barely. So, after packing up every belonging I had, I was ready to move into Brooklyn starting March 1st. ...And for some reason the landlord decided to try a bunch of underhanded things the DAY BEFORE I was to move in. The moving is on hiatus and I am currently living out of boxes day-to-day while still commuting most days of the week from central Jersey. ANYHOO.

Here's a slew of sketches I've been doing on the train. For this entire month up until JUST today, I kept forgetting to bring an eraser with me while traveling. ...It's damn near frustrating to draw with something that's usually so forgiving as a pencil...when in truth, it's unforgiving without it's life-partner: Eraser.

The image with the kite is a new illustration idea that's been nagging at me for awhile. If anyone's been on NJ Transit and gone all the way up to NYC on it, you'll definitely see lots of half-sunken power lines in water like here. I don't know why, but I find it completely fascinating and can't stop thinking about it. I think it's the idea of how modern day luxuries can appear so haggard and apocalyptic.

The bottom few images are mis-mashed concept art for my graphic novel. ...Still fleshing out ideas, characters, etc. And the last one...well, it's a bunch of really goofy gesture drawings of the protagonist in action shots. I think I was looking at too many Ashley Wood comics and loved how playful his people look when they're shown very far away and doing something as simple as running. His characters will have square feet or extremely exaggerated bodies. Hopefully the next update will happen in less than a month! Sorry!!