Monday, September 29, 2014

Young Justice doodle - Robin 'n KF

SO. I watched the first season of Young Justice because it’s on Netflix. And Lemme. Tell. You.

The bromance between Kid Flash and Robin was phenomenal and hilarious. These two were great together - AND Wally West knew Dick Grayson’s identity when NO ONE else did. So cute, so they get a little roughed up doodle.

ALSO all the grammar-vocabulary bits where Robin broke down words and their meanings, like whelmed, dis in disaster etc, was fun. I wish more super-hero cartoons took liberties like this for character development!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


My Topical Steroid Withdrawal managed to let up a weeee bit for a few days so I could at least complete another personal illustration! Drawing’s been tough with blisters/cracks, and swelling all over my hands but dangit I’m not gonna let it completely stop me.

One of the main side effects of TSW, sadly, is horrific insomnia. Even when you’re awake in the dead of the night, the world of social media like Twitter or Facebook (and Tumblr haha) is right there with you… constantly.