Monday, July 23, 2007


Okay, in some desperate attempt, I tried to crank out a two page comic in one weekend to shove into my portfolio and this is sadly the result. Did I completely bite off Ted Naifeh? ...Not entirely. But I was sooo inspired by 'How Loathsome' that I just couldn't help myself. And staring at Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood's stuff for two weeks straight didn't help either. So here it is.

Very VERY... loosely based off a personal experience I've had.

Other than that, I'm about to be employed for a money-hungry t-shirt making company that hires cheap labor and will give me 0% creative freedom as I computer-seperate colors for screenprinting machines. ...Shoot me in the face now. This is all because I'm money hungry as well (or plain hungry? I'm not in a bad position being unemployed though..) and I'd like some money while I try and find a new (and better) job.

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Tony C. said...

Don't worry. The good gig will come, just keep flying next to important people. ;)