Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Prints Prints Prints!

I have four pieces of work available as prints here! More soon to come.. once I get time to upload it or create some more illustrations. No idea how the colors will come out if they're printed... but I have to sort of trust imagekind and their amazing printing quality. I just found it to be a great way for artists to get their art printed to the mass public and to actually make a profit from it instead of trying to make back the $500 you spent on a massive printer, plus the money for nice enhanced matte paper or photo glossy paper. ...and then factor in the lovely prices of ink cartridges. Phew. My other choice was Boundless but I discovered I had to print and ship my own things.. I just can't afford it!

In the meantime, here's a sketch I'll be attempting to photoshop the hell out of. I've been truly inspired by the AWESOME critters of Bobby Chiu at Imaginism. I've been doing so many fashion infuenced pieces that I just truly miss the whole genre of sci-fi fantasy and all the dimensions people go into. I really ought to teach myself how to properly paint in all the programs available...

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