Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Open For Business

My new card, that is. Long, long ago right before graduating college, I had swiftly conjured up a business card to use for networking in the world of illustration

...Needless to say, it was barely legible and any text information on it was hard to read due to some watercoloring that went sorely out of control, teamed with my inability to want to remotely Photoshop my work at the time. I believe most people wouldn't even dream of trying to contact me due to the severe eye-strain I may have caused them (deepest apologies to anyone who picked up my card at conventions or was handed one by yours truly). So! This is the new design to contact me by and hopefully it's easier to read, see, enjoy, and... utilize to its full potential.
Currently, I've been working on some stuff for Tiny Mantis, and they're cranking out some games for Nikelodeon. Very fun! I'm not allowed to post any of the work publically, it's exciting nonetheless!


motobus said...

yay! i really love your new card - i want one.

sarah said...

Nice Kim! I like it a lot. You have a real knack for illustrative graphic work. :)