Tuesday, November 13, 2007

AGH no time!

Which one of these is not like the others?? ...Ignore the guy with the mechanical lark. He obviously doesn't fit in with the others.

Okay. So all I have to show right now is sketches. And I've had ONLY sketches to show for this project literally for years now. Waaaaay back in high school I thought I could write full-length stories and probably tortured some people into reading them at some point or another. But one plot seemed to stick and I dropped it as a short story and decided "when I grow up" (haha..) I would convert it into a graphic novel since so many were interested. I held off on it until I felt I was relatively confident in my skills as an artist(read as: practiced drawing more) and wouldn't make it look utterly horrible. I actually still don't feel I have the confidence to take on such a huge project, especially on my own. But the concepts are at least coming along. Slowly but surely. The script and panels are coming along as well. The first issue is completely written and ready for me to have time to sit down at my drafting table and just dive in.

I'm just a bit scared to erm... drown.


Unknown said...

nice sketches kim, will you be posting more concept work from this story? i hope you do, it's always interesting to see the thought process of artists.

Unknown said...

Hey there Kim. Got some nice drawings there. I see you are highly influenced by Anime. I think to really strenghten your figure drawing skills, you need to try to draw a lot realistically...from observation. The Japanese art form of stylizing figures is a "stylistic" choice, which shouldn't be intergrated until one perfects the traditional ways of drawing. Now, I am in no way dissing Anime...I am a huge fan of good japanese animation...and am an addict and year-long collector of japanese/asian cinema-so we are in the same ball park here. Keep crankin'...I also shecked out your website....some very nice work on there (Familiar with Casshern by any chance?)

sarah said...

Hey Kim! I love the mechanical lark. I very very much understand that feeling of not being good enough yet to tackle a story that means a lot to you. I feel that way too often when it comes to my graphic novel. Graphic novels are such a crazy time commitment too. But I strongly believe that no one ever feels good enough and that if you really love your characters, it will show in your art.

Ha ha, or at least that's what I tell myself. :)

I LOVE the hats drawing by the way. Just awesome. Yay hats!