Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ninja, please.

A commission of a character I was asked to do for the just-starting-up company QuarterCycle Productions.

Thanks to Mauricio for reminding me about thumbtack press and it's awesomeness! I hadn't looked at the site for a long, long time after my stupidity of not bookmarking the link. If you haven't heard of it or seen it, I definitely recommend doing a little perusing. If I get my act together, maybe I'll try to submit a few images in (when they're accepting of course).

The first listed illustrator is Bob Dob and that reminded me... I have to say I was upset by how underrated the video game Psychonauts, the one he did wonderful designs for, had turned out because the company kept pushing the release date back. I'd say go out and try playing it if you can find it. Welp... not like it held him back any. You go Bob Dob.


Tony C. said...

Very Cool! I really like her hair for some reason.

Unknown said...