Sunday, February 17, 2008


I'm never good with children, and yet for some reason they always seem to flock to me at neighborhood gatherings, BBQs, parties, subways, sidewalks and so on. I really can't seem to understand it. They seem happy enough to run into my legs though.

Anyhoo. I decided to try my luck doing a children's book for a company that publishes
them online. Basically, the stories are fun, short tales that have the continuous layout of 8.5" x 11" (so parents can print them out for their children) and with plenty of space to input text and whatnot. Sadly, I decided to take this job and it's crazy deadline when a few others came up simultaneously along with taking the full-time position to commute between Central Jersey and Brooklyn weekdays while finding an apartment to move into city on the weekend (PHEW!). Needless to say, my spare time was nil and there were many train rides where you could find my face pressed against the glass pane, drooling as I slept half of my way to work at 7:30-8 in the morning.

Here's are examples of 2 out of the 20 illustrations I had cranked out over this past week. ...I don't think I'll be taking on such a project for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Great job workin' so hard, Kim. The kid's will appreciate it.

I'm teaching some little kids how to cartoon right now, and it's very interesting. Actually, when I say kids I mean little boys.

When little boys think about stories that they want to draw, it often involves ninjas or bombs or guns or monsters or robots.

Anyway, thanks for the commments on doodlealley! It's good to hear from you.


Unknown said...

you are crazy! the monster one is pretty cute. good luck!

Tony C. said...

I like the little green guy, that's a cool design.