Monday, March 23, 2009

Let The Right One In

I decided to try and practice some portraiture while taking a break from comic-pages so... I cranked this out a bit quickly today.

Recently, I saw this movie for the second time. This is by far one of THEE best films I've ever seen(and since it's based off a book, I should read that as well). It's just shot so beautifully, the children were absolutely perfect for the roles (probably because the director spent three years searching for them) and the story itself is incredible. The fact that someone managed to involve something like a vampire into a coming-into-adolescence story is amazing. Go buy the DVD or rent 'Let The Right One In'! Go now!


Unknown said...

coool! i'll have to take your word add it to my queue.

ra-sun said...

this makes me want to see it again! oh boy!