Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lipstick Lover

"Oh make-up, how I love you so."

First completed illustration since coming back from Japan! Yay! I realized their campaigns for cosmetics are astronomical there. Majority of their commercials are women's beauty products. You can't get away from the ads! But I love the stuff as well so I really can't complain. Here's my homage to all the facial products people can't live without.


Aisleen said...

Here! I am here to comment. You're a quick draw commenter!

Anyways, so glad to see you had a great time in Japan! It looked like a blast, and such cool pictures. Make-up ads round the clock, huh? I don't know why that seems weird to me XD Well either way, I love this illustration! The colors are great and the textures really add to it. Awesooome!

Juan Carlos Solon said...

Hey! saw your work on little chimp
great blog! this piece is absolutely beautiful!

Chris Wood said...

so cool so cool-