Tuesday, September 8, 2009


...Ever have a visible condition, that seemingly takes over your whole identity? Where someone sees your cane, or crutch, or birthmark, or a bandage before looking at you in the face?

Mine, once in awhile, is eczema. ...It's not contagious, but I catch peoples' facial expressions on my hands every now 'n then when I'm on the subway. Simple illustration for this simple feeling!


Unknown said...

herbst! lets hang out sometime this week or weekend

Juan Carlos Solon said...

I have a mild case of it, and I hate it!!!

alex fine illustration said...

Great illustration. It has a great editorial feel.

andrewlong said...

wow. That drawing is great. I've been suffering with that stuff for years... but only on my right hand (which of course is the drawing hand...). A friend that I'd known for a few years saw my hand last week and sort of took a step back and asked me if it was contagious... =(

If it is any consolation - my parents told me that when I was diagnosed with eczema as a baby the doctor told them that (for some unknown reason) eczema is correlated with high intelligence.

I also have a giant birthmark on my leg that gets a lot of weird looks when I wear shorts.... so your drawing and commentary is right on.

Anyway, just found your blog from a link on "this isn't happiness" - great stuff.