Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flash Attack!

For over a year, I was a flash animator/designer for a web-games company in Brooklyn, NY. I've decided to share a few random animations I had done. Some of the designs were created by the very talented Mike Tarnowski, or the equally awesome Jesse Aclin, who would then hand off their creations to me to be animated.

Here's a character from Nickelodeon's NFL sprint game which had been featured on their site for sometime. The main character had to evade obstacles and make his way to the end of the level with the help of famous NFL stars. Some parts a bit awkward as a character isn't included in this clip, and this is prior to the 'lil guy being programmed. Enjoy!

Here's a shortie. Jesse had designed this adorable crocodile for the iPhone's 'Tick Tack Paddywack' game (a cute tic tac toe app for your iPhone!). This guy could be unlocked when won, and I had him dance as a fun reward.

Another shortie, this kitty was another character you can unlock in 'Tick Tack Paddywack.' He gives you a hearty meow and does a back-flip for ya!

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