Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'll be honest. I secretly love the idea of office-brawls. There's something extremely exciting about seeing everyday people, in business attire, just taking out their aggression on one another, down 'n dirty. It's just so much fun.

This image was actually inspired by a pretty harsh memory of mine. Way, way back in the day (er...of 2007), I once had an Art Director who gave me the 'You'll Never Make It, Kid' speech when I said I was thinking of leaving my job to pursue my career/dreams in the Gaming industry, which would be located in NYC.

Her actual words were, "Why would you do that? You'll never make it. NYC's so expensive, you'll just struggle." I'm not sure why anyone would tell a young, barely-out-of-college person these words. She might have been projecting her own life onto mine most days. Needless to say, that speech fueled me to prove her wrong, and drove me to work as hard as possible. I quit days later, interned, learned Flash Animation from a ridiculously awesome Lead Artist, and created artwork for games. I then moved to San Francisco to further this dream, creating artwork for Facebook applications. In a twisted way, I suppose I should thank her?

....At the time, I secretly wanted to do what's pictured in that illustration to my old Art Director. Just about everyday. We didn't have cubicles, and I don't think she ever wore business attire. But hey, who hasn't pictured doing something like that?

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