Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Black Swan

I wish I could have gotten this piece done before the film premiered, but it just wasn't possible. I actually HAVE YET to see this film, but I was so intrigued and mesmerized by the trailer, I had to do an illustration. I mainly wanted to base the imagery on the idea of professions that push human beings beyond their own capacity.

The whole idea of the Black/White swan being played by the same ballerina, having dual personalities, is such a beautiful concept!


方忠偉 said...

Bloody GREAT!!!

(FYI, i do shared it @ my site)


Marcelo Baez said...

WOW! that's a beauty!!

Stephanie McCrea said...

Haven't seen this either but love the image. Beautiful stuff Kim!

Yuta Onoda said...

Great piece!!!

Miss Yumi said...

This is gorgeous, Kim

alex fine illustration said...

I wanted to wait until I saw the movie to comment and as I expected you nailed it in this illustration. The hands totally make sense and the angle and contrast work really well.



WOW this is gorgeous!!

Your work is incredible.. I still can't get over the movie. Just posted my own Black Swan illustration - was so amazed by the film - needed to get out of my system.

Continue with amazing art!



KC said...

incredible~!! great use of the story and i'm baffled as to how you did so well without seeing the film??? bravo~!!