Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do it, Samus!

New Metroid piece for the show called "8-Bit Champions" which will be in Paris, France:
September 15th
36 rue Quincampoi
75005 Paris

Metroid holds a bit of a special place for me. I distinctly remember sitting in my basement as a kid, and watching my older brother play it (majority of original NES games are memories of watching him play it before I actually got my hands on experiencing the game for myself). Right after he'd just beaten the last level, Metroid reveals in the ending that --(ZOMG SPOILER?!?) Samus is actually a female under all that androgynous space-suit looking armor. That really got me, mainly because all of the games I'd been playing up until that point always starred a male character (Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Mega Man etc.). And this female heroine was extremely awesome!

I tweaked Samus's armor some because it was looking a bit outdated (according to the original NES covers and manual booklets that came with the game).

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