Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Poor Edward

I realized I posted this on my tumblr and not my blog! Here we go:

So. The first image here is a terrible/unfinished illustration of Edward Scissorhands. It’s terrible because I had become extremely lazy in my composition and dynamic layouts. There’s no real great way for the eye to travel around the image. Hell, it sort of skirts off to one side and then you get confused and just try going around the image again.  If you ever need a refresher on making better compositions, I highly recommend delving into Andrew Loomis’s Creative Illustration book. Huge thank you to Kali Ciesemier for pointing this out on her blog.

He has something called Informal Subdivision. This consists of drawing diagonal and straight lines across a paper in your own way to try and make a space division unequal and more interesting. I created one of my own to test this out.

I then sketched something out on top of it, using the lines as a guide to help place everything in the space.

And lastly, a (hopefully) better illustration is the result. Huzzah!

Edward Scissorhands version 2.0 will be mailed off to Brooklyn’s Bottleneck Gallery for their Favorite Film Couples/Valentine’s Day show which debuts February 15th.

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