Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mockingjay Armor

When I first read Mockingjay, part 3 of the Hunger Games, and came across the part of Katniss's mockingjay armor... I'll be honest. In my mind I thought it was the dumbest thing. Ever. Don't get me wrong, I love Katniss and the concept of it all but my mind couldn't get over the lil description.

 'It had well placed body armor,' 'totally utilitarian' and 'the swoop of the helmet' 'the curve of the breastplate' blah blah blah. The thing only came to the elbows, and had loose fabric to show off white stripes under the arms that was reminiscent of the namesake bird.

I just imagined some horrific cosplay gone wrong.

So when I did an image search for her armor, I was genuinely surprised to find barely anyone had done a take on it. Also not a single one had the helmet described (that I found, anyhow).  So I decided to sketch up not only what was roughly detailed in the book, but also something that I didn't find too silly looking and would enjoy.

This was a stupidly difficult task.

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