Friday, August 10, 2007

...sketch sketch sketch...!

The sketchbook section of my site is pretty... neglected to say the least. I rarely scan in sketches and just go for the kill by posting finalized illustrations. So here's two out of ...maybe four new sketches that I've put on my site?

Drawing others with ink-art is always exciting. I'm a bit envious of people who can have pierced ears or tattoos. My skin is sensitive to the point that I develop keloids, or excess scar tissue, if I'm say... punctured by a needle. I've gone to the point of constructing my own earrings from sterling silver wire so it can wrap around my ear to have it can look like I have pierced ears. ...A bit much, I know.

This was supposed to be colored for Ballistic's EXOTIQUE 3 but I never got the chance to color it. Ah well! I always like old sci-fi movies that show clothing that lights up or blinks (like that jacket David Hasselhoff wore on the Berlin Wall). I also have a bit of an obsession with masks, including gas-preventive ones.

...I guess my future holds toxic fumes when the ozone completely burns out. And light up clothing that we'll need to defend with firearms...?



Tony C. said...

I definitely dig these. Good line of action on "Tattoo". For some reason I really like the way the gas mask girl's hips are set. And the flow of the cape is really great. I would love to see this one finished.

Stephanie McCrea said...

oooh looks good. is the submission period over for that contest? color it anyways...

look I got a blogspot. :)

how do I put links to my friends sites though?