Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Chicks Dig Metal the robot sense mind you. Just a drawing I cranked out after deciding I wanted a bit of stylization change. I've been doing brush and ink lines for the past two years and it's driving me crazy. SO! You'd think I would've posted something Halloweenie-ish no avail. ...Well... sci-fi sometimes goes into--no. No, I can't even somehow wing it into the orange/black ghoulish pumpkin-killing holiday. Ah well It's alright. Enjoy!


Vanhoozerbot said...

Hey! Nice work sister!
I like the flow of this whole thing.
And the robot design is very cool.

Post more will ya.


Tony C. said...

This is great, probably my favorite thing you're posted so far!

Unknown said...

yes post more!! i like your work.