Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bad hair day

Another illustration. This one had been bothering me for sometime so it had yet to be posted. Until today! At the last minute, her hair became gray for reasons I wish I had to explain to you. ...Can I still use the lame excuse, 'aesthetically pleasing to the eye'...?

Currently, I am intrigued by bountee and their t-shirt designing competition. ...If I can figure out the fun parts of vector illustration, I'd be glad to join in. Also, I've just signed on to do a small comic from Unleased Productions, a new and upcoming publishing company slash soon-to-be cartooning studio slash likeminded individuals who want to quit their day jobs and do their passion of illustration/sequential art full-time too. It'll be interesting to say the least; I've never done a team effort for comics where someone else inks my work and then another individual colors it in. It worked out for many, many others so I'm being pretty openminded to it. Not sure I'll be able to post anything here from Unleashed, but it's alright. More of my own stuff to come soon if my wrist can handle any inking tomorrow.

Also... if anyone knows any great tips and tricks for Flash animation, I'm teaching myself the program over the next few weeks. Grace me with your insight!

1 comment:

Tony C. said...

Great composition and style. I always really dig your red/brown inks.

Congrats on the new endeavour! Strong talent like yours will allow you to take any limitation on a project turn it into a benefit.