Monday, June 16, 2008


Page 12 for your viewing pleasure; I realized the last page wasn't the right file when it was uploaded; the highlights and texture layers had been turned off. My mistake! The updated file will of course be in the printing when this comic is completed.

In other news: David Tabler of TheIspot had emailed me earlier today asking if I was interested in posting my portfolio on their website to have art directors find me for freelance work. Apparently SILA finally posted the names of their artists and the pieces that were in it; including my Half-Asian piece. He had found me through Nate Williams at illustrationmundo. In truth, I've been staring at their website every so often since I had Whitney Sherman as an instructor at MICA and she had recommended posting a portfolio there to our graduating class. The problem is I personally don't feel I have enough pieces to be a good, strong portfolio. That's up to 18 images, while I'll feel I have perhaps 5-8? I'll have to work harder once this sequential piece is done. I think it's always good to set personal goals; nothing too ridiculous but something that can be remotely feasible. If I can come to the end of this year with a few more strong, concrete illustrations while working full-time, I'll be more than satisfied.

Needless to say, I'm really excited to have these individuals looking at my work!

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