Sunday, June 22, 2008


This page took me a bit longer to finish than I expected. I apologize for that.

I always forget that there are specific dates when a season begins and ends. I just assume once a particular month starts, such as June, that month signifies the beginning of summer. I will admit, sometimes I miss the long breaks between one year of school to the next. With a full-time job, there are no immensely long pauses. But there are its perks. I go home and don't stress about tests or homework(well... freelance and its insane deadlines once in awhile, but that brings money and accomplishment as a reward).

When sitting in the park during lunch, co-workers along with myself will treat ourselves to an icy from the man who pushes his 'lil icy cart around. And while this seems like such a trivial, unimportant, little event... it's nice to know you have the freedom to purchase what you want when you want as an adult.

Treat yourself to something nice once in awhile.

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Tony C. said...

Your colors are so lush and wonderful! This page is my favorite.