Sunday, July 13, 2008


...This is extremely out of my comfort zone though it feels new and exciting. But I think it works. On numerous occasions, Randy and I have scoured through NYC's comic book stores. We discovered we became disappointed when a comic has this truly amazing cover on it and the inside artwork is either done by a different artist that doesn't hold up to the cover artwork, or the interior is black and white while the cover has amazingly vibrant colors. It's true, it really is hard not just judge comics by their covers when it's supposed to be the thing that catches your eye while it's sitting on a rack.

I suppose I wanted to do a sort of opposite effect for the cover. Not fully colored cover with a fully colored interior. Maybe it'll be my downfall!
Did I mention the title changed? 'The Promise' kept reminding me of the asian film by the same name. I just didn't feel right if I kept it. I guess this has a more playful childhood feeling. Less ominous.

This image is sized for printing when I do the 8.5x11 folded paper bit, saddle-stitched with staples over the next week.

In other news, Society of Illustrators West 46 is finally up! You can check out my piece in there along with everyone else that's in it!


Unknown said...

i think the cover works quite nicely. when are you going to san diego!

sarah said...

Hey Kim,

I just read your comic and it's wonderful. I love how whimsical the two lovers are with their abilities to walk about on the power lines. It really emphasizes their freedom (or lack of). I also love how you've used oragami again in your work. It's a neat kind of signature of yours it seems.

I agree about the cover issue. I find that dissapointing too when I am buying a book. I like your take on it. Although I have to admit I'm kind of looking forward to making fancy covers for my comic, because I can't wait to paint the characters with a detail I can't realistically do all the time. But that's just me being nerdy and loving to paint stuff. :)


Aisleen said...


The comic looks great! Yeah I agree, but I mainly see the amazing covers on horrible inside art with like...main-stream stuff. Indie stuff is usually good inside and out, no? I haven't done as much scouting as you have though :)

Good luck at Comic Con! Hope you have as much fun as you had last year :)

Vanhoozerbot said...

I am glad to see you are continuing your awesomeness. The book looks great.

Have fun at Comicon! Take lots of pictures.