Monday, July 21, 2008

WIP - Kite River

Obviously this is nowhere near done, but I've just been dabbling in the photoshop paint stuffs for half this weekend and just after work today. Again, I'm working very differently than I'm used to. While I sketched the image on paper and scanned it in, the inks were done in Photoshop this time around to see how it would go. I'm much more satisfied with the way it came out than trusting my hand with a brush.

Actually, I remember a conversation with Aisleen in which we believed each other to be insane; me for using a brush, her for using pen nibs. I think she wins that argument. No matter how well I cared for my brushes, they still would deteriorate from the permanent ink and I think a lot of my illustrations suffered for it. I've always wanted to do more painterly looking works and this is by far the closest I've come to uh... something that looks remotely presentable I guess. Don't even ask to see my past attempts... yuck.

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