Friday, June 19, 2009

Calico Jack

...he knows how to treat the ladies. Anne Bonny on the left, and Mary Read on the right. He's quite the lucky pirate.

A bit different than my usual style, but this is for a children's book; hence the open area on the other side for text. The original sketch shows Anne Bonny with a gun, but you know kids these days... it's more preferable for a pirate to stab someone with a large cutlass than brandish a firearm around. I actually have to agree!

In all honesty, sword/cutlass is TRULY my choice of weapon if there's a zombie invasion. If you run outta ammo, what're you gonna do against those hordes?! Throw the gun at 'em?! Cutlass for the win.

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Vanhoozerbot said...

You have truly been rocking my socks lately. Fantastic work. Brilliant even. :)