Thursday, June 11, 2009

Work In Progress

I was tempted to post more pirates, but that's just plain too many pirates. ...I'm not sure. IS there such a thing as too many pirates??

While in Japan, I was looking at old concept images from the 1940s on fairy tales (like the Little Mermaid) and thought to myself, I could do a few just for the heck of it.

It's funny, if I google a reference for 'red riding hood,' I always get women in skimpy Halloween costumes. And most people would agree that my artwork would assuredly go in that direction. But I used to be known for drawing lots of crazy monsters and macabre-nightmarish themed imagery. SO, here's a throw-back. This is still a work in progress, but Lil miss Hood is most assuredly doomed against a wolf of this... stature. I'll post the finished product once I get more time!


JuanCarlos said...

Theres never such thing as too much pirates! lol

looks great so far! can't wait to see it!

Unknown said...

looks done to me herbst!

Jesse said...

this is dowpe