Friday, August 7, 2009


Once in awhile, I scour Craigslist for freelance jobs. And once in awhile, an actual, honest-to-true job will reply back. Gustto, the designer handbag company, contacted me for one such project. The concept was to create a banner that would be based off of a 1960s movie poster with elements mashed-up together in a sort of collage.

Here's one of 6 pencil drafts I went through, one colored rendition, and then the final. I believe I went through about 12 different versions with this. Phew!

This was in a style very far from my own, since fashion illustration usually calls for long legs and sketchy watercolors. It was a pretty big change!!


Unknown said...

looks like you pulled it off herbst.
looks good.

Juan Carlos Solon said...

Congrats on the awesome job!!!!

alex fine illustration said...

The final turned out great. I really like the lighting effects.