Saturday, August 8, 2009

WIP - Yumi's Arrow

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from good friend Miss Yumi. She requested an image of a female cupid, " tied down by the world and all of it's unnecessary and self-created problems." But she would be freeing herself with her bow and arrows. Here's the first draft of the image:

Originally I had thought of using actual objects from everyday modern problems. It seemed a bit tacked-on to me and I thought to myself, the literal world holding her down would possibly seem more powerful.

This is definitely a theme I think nearly everyone I know has dealt with, or is currently dealing with at the moment as multiple people have approached me with this subject. After graduating college, perhaps you've gone through a job or three and realized you haven't been happy at any of them. Or maybe you've become so comfortable at one job that you realized you're not even doing what you truly wanted to do while growing up. You come to find you're content but far from ecstatic and you're just moving your body in the same repetitious cycle.

It's that awkward stage where you have a job somewhat in the field you want and yet you're just not where you want to be yet. And for many of us, we can fall into a horrible depression when we come to terms with this fact. We can become impatient, or even resentful.

So here's to Yumi and her arrow that can destroy the ties that bind us down so solidly to our earthly problems.
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