Sunday, June 20, 2010

Huntington's Chorea

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been swamped with the full-time job.

This illustration took me weeks to produce because it strikes such a personal chord and I found I couldn't stare at it for long periods while working. One side of my family had a history of Huntington's Disease, which sadly is a neuro-degenerative disorder with no cure. However, I discovered my company donated about $130,000 to Huntington's research, so I was quite touched to hear this.

Some history: With Huntington's Chorea, the body begins to lose control of the nervous system first. 'Chorea' is based off a word for a type of dance in Greek. It refers to abnormal, involuntary movements, so patients can't control their limbs or muscles. It's common for someone with Huntington's to lose the ability to eat solid foods, or drink a glass of water, and be unable to speak, amongst many other things.


Anonymous said...

beautiful yet sad. My family has a long long long history of clinical depression and it seems to have just fallen on me all at once.

Stevo said...

What a beautiful piece for such a touching subject.

Unknown said...

REALLY like this, i dig the yellow and the overlap that is going on.

Miss Yumi said...

Nice, Kim. I'm so proud of your work :)