Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls on Film

FINALLY. FINISHED. A PERSONAL. ILLUSTRATION. This took how long?! Aiya! 'Girls on Film' for those who love taking photos. ...Or Duran Duran.

Many things are happening. I'll be in a show with the Autumn Society as I mentioned. If you're in the LA area September 3rd, head over to Gallery 1988 from 7-10pm for the amazing 3G show premiere! I will hopefully have prints available for sale there as well.

Thanks goes out to Chris Ellis from the SF Station. He hooked me up with a promo job - a super-quick design I did for Chrome Bags. One lucky subscriber will get this image sewn as the panel of their Chrome Messenger Bag. I originally had the talented Rick Kitagawa try and screen print a design I had done onto the bag. We quickly discovered that water-based inks + water-resistant bag material = not gonna happen. Soooo, I ended up going over the panel one night with acrylics and sharpies to come up with this:

A bit different than I'd intended, but really, nothing wanted to stick to that panel. Chrome makes some mean bags and I didn't have any vinyl paints on hand. Ahh!!

In other news: I may be doing some album artwork for the very talented group Tangents in the near future. They're currently talking to Sony. Fingers crossed!

Sorry about the lack of updates. Silent nod of the head/thanks to stumbleupon and a slew of other sites that are posting me, including geek-art. More posts to come soon!


Randall Nichols said...

Absolutely brilliant.

Unknown said...

nice really dig this one.

Unknown said...

herbst! you've been doing some amazing work! i'm really blown away. i love the girls on film piece!