Friday, August 13, 2010

"...We'll All B Flat."

PHEW. Last piece for the Autumn Society's 3G show! Goonies finally make their appearance on my blog. Out of the three films for this show: The Goonies is by far my *favorite* of all time. I still find it hilarious, and I still want to go underground, travel through caves, dodge 'booty traps' and save my skin by ridiculously awesome inventions even in my late-20s. Needless to say, Data is my favorite and gets to be in the foreground of this image ("Guys, they are coming, they're coming and they look really, really pissed off!")

While I had originally wanted to come up with witty images for this show, I couldn't help but feel there should be a feeling of evoking memory. There's got to be reason why we can keep watching these films over and over into adulthood. I took scenes that really let me think about the film's characters, that grabbed hold of me and shoved me into the character's point-of-view. But zooms my consciousness back in time, planting me down with my memories to when I first saw them. Probably with my brother and sister, actions and things we said when we were really little. Maybe jokes and quotes my parents passed back and forth that went waaaay over our heads because we just didn't understand any of them yet. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

If you happen to be in the LA area on September 3rd, get yer butt to Gallery 1988 and check it out! Here's the poster by the freakin' awesome and all powerful Tom Whalen:

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