Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Social Attack

New personal illustration I've been chipping away at, finally finished.

I’ve noticed in the last few years, no one is really allowed to have opinions anymore. If you do, for some reason, have a slightly varied opinion, then the rest of the world (whose voices are louder than ever from social media) seem to cry out in vast numbers to squash you down. If someone has a different opinion, the other side of the argument is no longer heard. The person will block/ignore and no actual debate occurs anymore. Or worse, people no longer stand by what they believe in, and cave, catering to the vast majority.

OR, if someone is offended by someone else’s opinion, they need to let the world know they’re offended. I understand that no matter what, someone, somewhere, is going to be offended. It’s just so much… LOUDER now - but the world can’t cater to everything.

TL;DR - Social media attacks are now common and suck the life out of interesting debates.

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