Tuesday, December 9, 2008


...So, I finally created an animal-subject-heavy illustration. I couldn't help but put a person in there. However, that person is quite defunct and therefore doesn't count!

...Yeah, that's cheating.

I have to say this was an extremely fun piece to work on; a great break from the Abroad Again image below. Animals have the ability to be beautiful no matter what they're doing. They're somewhat tragic and inexplicably wise in such a way that I'll probably never know.


Aisleen said...

Wooooah!! I've always wanted to do an illustration with crows, but you beat me to it! Looks really great, I love the darkness of it. This would make a great print!

Also, email me your address? Christmas cards!

Unknown said...

Really brilliant Kim! Your line is amazing.

J said...

Niceeee. I like crows.