Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Will this sketch ever be a completed into a full illustration?? Nah... It's just something I've cranked out in the 2 minutes when no one's looking at work (shhhh!!!). In actuality, it's posted here in hopes that you'll continue reading onward.
Sadly, things are a bit at a standstill illustration-wise due to my lovely computer being a bit... busted. The lovely computer I just bought two months ago. Poor lil guy will be shipped out to be fixed in a day or two. BUT. If you want to keep yourself busy, why not play some games I've done animations for?

Think you can save the world by going Green? Always wanted NFL stars to somehow help you out in this crazy littered world?! (Ever thought those two things could be combined?!) Be like this awesome kid, and play this Nickelodeon Go Green Game!

Or perhaps you have a young child that wants to match colors to notes and see some animals dance and play instruments at their every beck 'n call? Maybe they wanted to simultaneously learn Chinese as well!!! Then they've gotta try NiHao Kai Lan's Dance Party! Woo!

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Unknown said...

pretty cool sketch kim. it has a lot of potential. keep workin' on it!