Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sure, sure, I'll do some non-people illustrations. ...And then I go and make this comp. Basically the boyfriend is abroad in Japan yet again. And I decided I would do a similar image that I originally had on my website. Only... better? I'm trying my best not to skimp out on backgrounds anymore so here's hoping. A bit into my process, I draw out images on paper, ink them with a brush, and then scan them in pieces and fix it up in Photoshop. Obviously parts needed to be reworked and matched up and redrawn, which I sketch out in a different color (like red!) I've been busy with this monster; it's one of the largest illustrations I've worked on since... college. Yikes.

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Paul Tuller said...

Wow, amazing illustration ! It's so crowded - this must have taken you forever