Friday, November 6, 2009

Duck 'n Cover

I've had numerous dreams where I'm in an apartment building, I look out the window, and Godzilla is rampaging across the city. I kid you not. Numerous times. I tell myself to just 'stay still and be quiet' when I see him. I mean, he's so freakin' big and I'm so freakin' tiny, it's not like he'll see me. And as soon as I think this, he looks over with his huge menacing yellow eyes, does that high-pitched metal-bending roar of his, and then proceeds to smash apart the building where I'm cowering inside.

It's kind of funny because Godzilla in films isn't terrifying whatsoever. Yet, the very IDEA of something gallavanting across a city, destroying everything in its path (a la Cloverfield), with you, so insignicantly small, unable to do anything about it, is a really frightening notion. Think about it!

This piece was worked on over the course of the later part of this week. ...It ended up being like three illustrations in one; the monster outside the window, the girl inside the apartment, and then that lil vintage 'gojira!' poster on the wall. Phew!


Vanhoozerbot said...

I LOVE this!!! Absolutely stunning. One of my favorites from you.

paolo_gaspare said...

Beautiful work!


anima-base said...

beautiful and awesome

Unknown said...

i like your artwork .

ild love to see even more ^^

JuanCarlos said...

The perspective works out really nice! Its a eerie feeling thats great!

weirdly enough last week I got all the Godzilla movies!!!

also weirdly enough I have the same dream, but its a Brontosaurs instead of a monster :S

Miss Yumi said...

YES! This is incredible!!! I love you Kim!

Unknown said...

haha.. this is so cool!

ra-sun said...

that crazy!! are those even teeth!?

also. i love the fact her cat is hiding beside her, rather than under a couch. i hate when they do that.