Monday, November 23, 2009


This is either a man that's drowning, or a man that's juuuust reached the surface and taken that great big breath of fresh oxygen. I'm in that very position right now; I can't tell which of these actions I'm experiencing.

I'll be in San Francisco until around the New Year for a contract position that will hopefully turn into a permanent full-time job. This means: Kim can't update her blog as often over the next month. This also means: Kim will most probably relocate from the East Coast in Brooklyn, NY, to the West Coast in San Francisco, CA.

NYC, it's been awesome/crazy these past two years, but you sadly didn't show me enough love when I needed it most! Cheers!


Ruoyu Li said...

whats the turn around on one of your images

Miss Yumi said...

Looks great! Good luck with the hopeful move, dear Kimichan!!!

Michelle Kondrich said...

I'm going with the more optimistic reading of him just reaching the surface. Nice work!

ra-sun said...

excellent as always. you will certainly be missed!!