Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Drawing Day 14 - Favorite Fairytale

The Last Unicorn.

I. Love. This. Story! Loved it as a kid, still love it as an adult. I was OBSESSED with it.

Loved the animation, the designs, everything. What's there not to like?! It's got a unicorn, and a magician, and a witch, and a creepy king, and a brave prince, and a Molly, and a GIANT RED BULL THAT'S ON FIRE. 

Also, I was totally inspired by recently seeing these gorgeous  Last Unicorn Comic Covers.

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VagueRant said...

I grew up to the animation and loved it - though being a boy I felt weird telling friends that my favorite movie was about a Unicorn, awkward moments.
The book is hilarious!
Great work on the massive bull, especially like the white-hot horns.