Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WIP - Inks

'We're gonna need a bigger rucksack.' Now inked. Next is cleaning up and colors. I wonder if this is sometimes helpful to see a person's process.

Sadly, everything's going a bit slower than I'd like due to some health issues I'm dealing with concerning my hands. So, here's hoping everything picks back up in 2-3 weeks!


Jennie Gyllblad said...

Hey! Saw your comment about having issues with your hands. Is it wrist related? I personally just bought my first occupational wrist supports because of horrible cramps whenever I was drawing.

Took about a day to get used to them but I haven't had any cramps since.

Hope it gets better, whatever it is! :D

/Zeh random follower!

Dave Tabler said...

"I wonder if this is sometimes helpful to see a person's process."

Yes. Yes. And again yes! There's actually a name for it, and it's called, wait for it, a "process post."

Art directors LOVE to see how you work through a visual puzzle. Keep showing the backstory!

Kim Herbst said...

I WISH the problem were just my wrists... sadly this is a skin condition. I'll say no more after that!

And thank you Dave, as always :) It's great to know people enjoy the back stories to illustrations!

Tony C. said...

I like the process stuff too! I would really like to see how you do your inks. You get a nice, natural line which I find tough in the digital realm. Show us how! I hope you hands are feeling better. :)